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Transient Journals: Jan Manton Art, Brisbane 5 – 25 October 2019

lake and jetty landscape painting by Adriane Strampp

Jetty 2019, oil on linen 91 x 91 cm

The landscape has been a recurring subject in Strampp’s paintings, not in the traditional art historical sense, but rather as a continuing exploration of landscapes remembered, random moments and quiet views of the ordinary observed.

In these new works we see a more intimate view of the artist’s world, of places once familiar reworked through multiple layers, passages edited or dissolved, wiping away portions of the image as if leaving only that portion recalled. Although the human form remains in absentia, as in much of her earlier work, here we see traces of a human presence having been.

View catalogue here.

Jan Manton Art
1/93 Fortescue St, Spring Hill
QLD 4000 Australia


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