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The poetics of connection: Greenhill Galleries, Perth 21 May – 5 June, 2010

The Poetics of Connection
21 May – 5 June, 2010

Greenhill Galleries
6 Gugeri Street Claremont
Western Australia 6010

Greenhill Galleries welcome the hauntingly talented artist, Adriane Strampp, with a series of refined and sensitively captured images, inspired by the natural world.

Studying the form of the horse, amongst other creatures, with layer upon layer of shadows, Strampp’s dreamlike images pose the question: Is this reality or is this all imagined?

Moving away from her previous style of rich Renaissance colours and intensely detailed studies of ancient dresses, landscapes and lifestyles stretching back from the 18th Century to the Renaissance era, Strampp has delicately touched upon a rather beautiful and deeply moving ageless darkness, compelling the viewer further and inquisitively into this enchanted land. Her oil paintings have a sense of unique detailing, exploring the graceful lines, shapes and shadows found only in nature. Yet the hazy texture and outlines of her work are rather like watching the dusk settle, that unique time of day where everything comes alive. This exhibition is sure to enthral and captivate.

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