2006: Strampp continues to decontruct both Renaissance images and her own work, forming a connection from the past to the present. Often a small and sometimes overlooked detail is worked into a larger image.

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The Rabbits I

Adriane Strampp The Rabbits I 2006
oil on linen 50 x 50 cm

The Rabbits II

Adriane Strampp The Rabbits II
oil on linen 2006 50 x 50 cm

Curious in Essence

Adriane Strampp Curious in Essence 2006 oil on linen 101 x 101 cm


Adriane Strampp Eleonaora 2006
oil on linen 50 x 101 cm


Adriane Strampp Maria 2006
oil on linen 50 x 101 cm


Adriane Strampp Annunciation 2006
oil on linen 50 x 101 cm

Tu in Asconco

Adriane Strampp Tu in Asconco 2006 oil on linen 152 x 152 cm